Welcome to Blow Communications. We're a Sydney-based full-service marketing agency with a focus on you. We don't care about what's supposedly 'cool', in-fashion or good for our reel. We prefer to focus our attentions on communications that work for our clients.

A little bit about Blow

Some may call us an advertising agency. Others might even use the term 'Hot Shop'. But we're not really into classifications. If anything, you could probably call us marketing vigilantes. Because at Blow we're not interested in what other agencies think is 'right' or 'in-fashion'. It's that kind of cookie-cutter thinking that leads to cookie-cutter work. What we're interested in is what works for our clients, pure and simple. Whether that involves traditional media, non-traditional media or a combination of the two is peripheral. You're after results so that's exactly what we deliver.

Jeff Purser Head
Anton Abraham Head
The Creator The
Client Can Do Guy Client Can Do Guy Accounts Queen Accounts
Jax the Wonderdog Head of
Advertising Idol Advertising
Jeany Immanuell Number
Allan Brady Pseudo

Key crew

Say hello to Team Blow. Go on, we won't bite (except maybe for Jax, everything looks like a liver treat to him). As you can see, our backgrounds are pretty varied, but that's exactly what makes it all work. Because it's this mixed pot of knowledge and experience that brings a unique perspective to each project, to deliver work that's refreshing and often outside the square.

What we do

Some people love lists. Others hate them.

For the list haters, what we do can be bundled into the following:

We’re a Jack-of-all-trades. And while the popular saying may end ‘master of none’, this doesn’t apply to Blow. We’ll rock your socks off in any area of marketing communications. We say that not because we’re arrogant, but because we’re confident our team can deliver you the best results, no matter what your communications goals.

For you list lovers, here is a little something to get you excited.

Our partners

Those we've been lucky enough to work with.

A little bit of good

Here at Blow we're not just about the money, the fame, the campaigns & champagne. We're also committed to giving back to the society in which we operate. That's why we devote a minimum 10% of Blow's resources to community not-for-profit projects.

Here are a few examples of this work.

Underdogs Nuns on
the Run
Terry Hicks
3pm Grand

Contact us

We're always looking for the opportunity to work with new people. So whether you're after an agency to pitch for projects or simply work for beer, drop us a line - we'd love to have a chat.

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